The Best Washer Dryer Combo in NZ to Save You Space and Money

As someone who used to be a college student who had to do his laundry, I remember thinking about hoping that they combine washers and dryers int a single unit. All of this, I felt as I suffered heavily from “first world problems syndrome,”  lugging my clothing up and down three flights of stairs weekly. That is when I made an astounding discovery.

Yes, they do have washer dryer combos available in the world. While admittedly these aren’t quite as good as separate washers and dryers, it was a feat in technology that have proud inventors. Put dirty clothes in, get clean clothes out. What could be simpler? With this in mind, it is time to pick the best washer dryer combo NZ has available.

The Top Five Washer Dryer Combos in Nz

Below are the five washer dryer combos we’ve selected.

  • Miele WTH 130 WPM
  • Samsung WD85K6410OW
  • Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1
  • Bosch WVH28490AU
  • Electrolux EWW1042ADWA

As expected, or focus will be on the result of clothes. Do they come out clean and dry? How effective are they in each setting? Ease of use features will also be on our list of considerations.

Miele WTH 130 WPM

Miele WTH 130 WPM
  • Capacity washing 7 kg drying 4 kg
  • Energy Consumption 258 kWh/year
  • Water Consumption 64 L/Wash
  • Dimension 850 x 596 x 637 mm

Miele has been on our lists before, and this washer dryer combo is an easy contender for why they deserve to be there. The WTH 130 WPM is one of the few washers that challenges solo washers. It cleans with a good deal of effectiveness, but I have seen some standard appliances still do better.

Regardless, this model standing its ground is an incredibly good sign. It even dries clothing very well, don’t expect it to be very good at gentle washes. Being front-loaded, it still does better than most top-loaded washers in this category.

This model is also the quickest washer on this list, sitting at just around four hours and twenty minutes for washing and drying time. It does this while having reliable energy efficiency for both washing and drying.

It also goes as far as having favourite settings, allowing you to press a single button for pre-programmed settings you decide. As a result of this, it is easily one of the best washers and dryers in New Zealand.

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Samsung WD85K6410OW

Samsung WD85K6410OW
  • Weight 71 kg
  • Capacity 8.5 kg
  • Energy Consumption 328 kWh per year
  • Dimension 850 x 600 x 865 mm

The Samsung WD85K6410OW is another excellent example of why Samsung is at the pinnacle of technology. It has a delay timer, an auto-sensing water level, and a fast wash with the inclusion of an extra rinse. It just isn’t friends with a hand-wash woollen setting.

Many of these features are also available on the Miele model we just reviewed. You can also expect to add another hour to the total wash and dry time. That is still a reasonable time, but only hope to get one or two washes done a day.

It also has reliable water and energy efficiency, about on par or better than the Miele. It does have a higher washing and drying capacity, which we will get into the details on in the features section.

Overall, Samsung reminds us why it remains on these best-of lists. Among washer dryer combos, it is a solid choice at a reasonable cost.

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Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1

Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1
  • Capacity 8.5 kg
  • Energy consumption 325 kWh per year
  • Spin speed 1,400 rpm
  • Dimension 850 x 600 x 645 mm

The Fisher & Paykel model is our next consideration on this list, and the WD8560F1 manages to keep that quality and energy efficiency. They cut down on the washing time when compared to the Samsung by about an hour, but it is still not as good as the Miele model we reviewed.

The capacity is the largest we’ve reviewed on this list at about 8.5 kg for washing. It also has child lock controls and a time remaining display for convenience. You can also add an extra rinse if there is still too much soap for your clothing.

The controls can be a bit overwhelming at first, but they are easy once you get used to them. The timer helps to give you some level of confidence, and it can switch to drying automatically as needed.

Overall, it is another product that Fisher & Paykel should be proud of having. Just don’t expect to stack them or wall mount them, much like any of the models on this list. Its size and efficiency make it an excellent choice regardless.

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Bosch WVH28490AU

Bosch WVH28490AU
  • Weight 83.58 kg
  • Capacity 8 kg
  • Energy consumption 300 kWh per year
  • Dimension 845 x 598 x 590 mm

The Bosc WVH28490AU is a premium level item with multiple drying options. As a result of this detail, you’ve got many options for drying. However, it is all done through a sensor, meaning you have no control over the actual time.

As a result of this choice, drying varies pretty heavily depending on the number of clothes you put there. The max cycle time was around 5 hours, which is about on par with what you would expect. The sensor is also pretty accurate.

It is also one of the few washers on this list that thought about adding a gentle wash feature. As a result, it is a solid choice for delicates of all styles. What mostly turns people off from it is the lack of control.

Regardless, it is just as effective at washing and drying heavy-duty items. The versatility is still pretty solid, making it a natural choice for one of the best washer dryer combos for New Zealand.

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Electrolux EWW1042ADWA

Electrolux EWW1042ADWA
  • Capacity 10 kg
  • Energy consumption 229 kWh per year
  • Spin speed 1,400 rpm
  • Dimension 850 x 600 x 659 mm

Electrolux is known to dabble into everything from robot vacuum cleaners to induction stovetops. Because of this, they have a lot of experience in producing a lot of appliances. It is no surprise to see this company throw its hat in this arena.

Much like the Miele, it allows you to set up preset programs for your favourite wash and drying cycles. Just expect to wait a bit for the drying to get done, as the total wait time is just above five hours. Washing is a bit shorter and more efficient to compensate for it.

It also has a large capacity when compared to items on this list. It has a washing capacity of around 10 kg. It does this while using a limited amount of water and energy, which is a high priority for those seeking to preserve the environment.

Overall, the EWW1042ADWA is a bit of a mouthful, but it is a worthy investment for large families. Another easy pick for one of the best washer dryer combos.

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washer dryer combo features

Features You Need For Effective Washer Dryer Combos

When it comes to washers and dryers, those by themselves can be overwhelming. Combining the two creates some unique situations which we will get into next. The same general rules apply to energy-efficiency and wait times.


The washer and dryer settings on these have two different capacities. We will list those capacities below.

  • Miele WTH 130 WPM: 7 kg washing and 4 kg drying capacity
  • Samsung WD85K6410OW: 8.5 kg washing and 6 kg drying capacity
  • Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1: 8.5 kg washing and 5 kg drying capacity
  • Bosch WVH28490AU: 8 kg washing and 4 kg drying capacity
  • Electrolux EWW1042ADWA: 10 kg washing and 6 kg drying capacity

As you can tell, the drying capacity of these washers is about half of the washing capacity on average. It means that you will need to separate your loads after washing for peak drying performance.

If separating your loads does not sound appealing, you will most likely want to find a separate washer and dryer with matching capacities. However, it is typical for dryers to have a smaller size.

Washing and Drying Times

Longer washing cycles tend to take up more water. Longer drying cycles tend to take up more energy. We will give you the breakdown below.

  • Miele WTH 130 WPM: 4 hours and 17 minutes total time with two hours of drying
  • Samsung WD85K6410OW: Five hours and 35 minutes total with three hours of drying
  • Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1: Four hours and thirty minutes with two and a half hours of drying
  • Bosch WVH28490AU: Five hours with up to three hours of drying time
  • Electrolux EWW1042ADWA: Five hours with three and a half hours of drying time

The most efficient time-saver is the Miele model we reviewed at the beginning.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is measurable in the form of cost per year.

  • Miele WTH 130 WPM: $80 per year
  • Samsung WD85K6410OW: $95
  • Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1: $85
  • Bosch WVH28490AU: $130
  • Electrolux EWW1042ADWA: $105

The Miele also wins at the energy efficiency battle. Keep this in mind as a comparison against size. If you wash more clothes at a time, It may be better for you to get a larger washer regardless. Try and keep your yearly cost below $150 in the best-case scenario.

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is a measure of how much water used per wash. Again, we will list out a bulleted list for comparison.

  • Miele WTH 130 WPM: 54 L
  • Samsung WD85K6410OW: 61 L
  • Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1: 57 L
  • Bosch WVH28490AU: 48 L
  • Electrolux EWW1042ADWA: 62 L

The Bosch is the clear winner on this list.

Safety Features

The primary safety feature comes to us in the form of a child safety lock. Some will lock the controls while others will close the door. In either case, it is impossible to open the door at some points given that it is a front-loaded washer and dryer combo.

All of these have child lock controls. Only the Bosch model has a child lock door.


After careful consideration, our vote for the best washer and dryer combo NZ has available is the Bosch WVH28490AU. While the time is a bit high, it is one of the few combos that actually can handle delicate washes effectively. It is a bit of a feat in this particular category.

Combined with programmable washes and reasonable wash time, the Bosch model manages to make It through most issues. If you have a different opinion, always make the decision based on you and your family’s needs. Our favourite may not be your favourite.

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