The Best Top-loading Washing Machine in NZ For the Dirtiest of Clothes

If you work in a profession that dirties your clothes often, you probably are a bit disappointed in most front-loading washing machines. While we do have a list of the best here, some of them just don’t cut it. On the other hand, top-loading washing machines always seem to get the dirt and grime out of your clothes. As someone who comes from a family of mechanics, I know the feeling.

The significant difference comes from the fact that top-loading washing machines work harder. While we will get into the details below, these are great for heavy-duty projects on clothes that can take the heat. With this in mind, here is our list of considerations for the best top-loading washing machine NZ has to offer.

The Top Five Top-loading Washing Machines in NZ

Here are the five top-loading washers we have picked.

  • Haier HWT60AW1
  • LG WTG7532W
  • Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1
  • Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA
  • Haier HWT70AW1

Our primary focus will be on washing ability. There will also be other ease-of-use features which include cleaning, programming, and installation. We will also see their ability to handle more delicate clothing.

Haier HWT60AW1

Haier HWT60AW1
  • Weight 33 kg
  • Capacity 6 kg
  • Spin speed 650 rpm
  • Dimension 920 x 520 x 540 mm

At a 3.5 water rating and a two-star energy rating, the Haier is among the better options for top-loaded washing machines. With a 6 kg capacity, it also manages to hold most heavy-duty sets. It isn’t the largest on this list, but the Haier HWT60AW1 is a beast among washers.

As a result of it being a beast, it isn’t that great with gentle loads. It is a problem for most top-loaded washers. It also doesn’t have a light enough cycle for certain types of wool.

It takes just under 45 minutes for its wash, which is much better than any front-loaded washer. It does manage to stay convenient, and you can also add clothing in the middle of a wash.

It also comes with a child lock and auto-sensing water level. That means it is concerned with safety and ensuring that your house will not flood. Overall, it is a sturdy washer with the right amount of features that would be great for most households.

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  • Weight 45 kg
  • Capacity 7.5 kg
  • Spin speed 950 rpm
  • Dimension 990 x 590 x 615 mm

The LG WTG7532W is a washer associated with a company known for high-concepts in technology. Given it has a water sensor, selectable spin speed, and a delay timer, it easy to see that it does follow suit with those expectations. However, there is no child lock for this one, but the controls are typically out of reach of your most curious children.

It’s a pretty solid washer that can get through most clothes with little issues. It is a bit better with delicates, but still is nothing to write home about. You can expect a quality wash with this one.

Its biggest drawback comes from the lack of water efficiency. It uses 110 L per wash, which is about 20 L higher than the Haier. It trades this out with an energy efficiency rating of 2.5.

Overall, it is an excellent product that should make LG proud. While it isn’t great with delicates, that is common for these sorts of washers. It is still one of the best machines in New Zealand.

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Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1

Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1
  • Capacity 8.5 kg
  • Spin speed 1,100 rpm
  • Wash cycle 12
  • Dimension 1075 x 600 x 600 mm

The Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1 is the most energy-efficient item on this list at four stars. Again, it has traded this energy efficiency for water efficiency, which is around 126 L per wash. Provided you are willing to make a trade, its one of the few top-loading washers that actually will save you money on the electric bill.

Looking at everything else, it has hot and cold connectors, which makes it a bit more versatile than some washers. It also has a balance correction, a child lock, and an ability to add an extra rinse should you need it. It has the most features out of any washer we have reviewed up to this point.

It does this while holding up to 8.5 kg worth of clothing. It is a very high figure, allowing you to spend less time at your washer. While the water isn’t efficient, the number of times you have to use it may make up for it. Provided you are willing to make this minor adjustment. It is an excellent washer for many households.

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Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA

Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA
  • Capacity 7.5 kg
  • Weight 48 kg
  • Spin speed 720 rpm
  • Dimension 1030 x 637 x 670 mm

The Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA  has a two-star energy rating and uses around 128 L per wash. The trade-off, in this case, comes from cost-effectiveness, as this one has a smaller upfront investment.

It also has a myriad of great features that you would expect from washers at a higher price point. It has a child lock, the ability to add clothes mid-cycle, and a balance correction. It also has a selectable spin speed and an auto-sensing water level.

Among washers, it is incredibly useful at rinsing. It also does well in the “dirt removal” category. It keeps around the same issue on handling delicate items.

With Samsung being another brand that is on par with LG when it comes to technology, it is easy to see why they are on this list. Despite the lower energy efficiency, the upfront investment is a significant difference-maker here.

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Haier HWT70AW1

Haier HWT70AW1
  • Weight 65 kg
  • Capacity 7 kg
  • Spin speed 650 rpm
  • Dimension 940 x 550 x 570 mm

As our second Haier product on this list, the Haier HWT70AW1 manages to keep that washing effectiveness at a reasonable price. It returns us to a washer with decent washer efficiency and solid 2.5-star energy ratings.

While it is excellent at the overall cleaning, the same problem with delicate items persists. It also doesn’t have selectable spin speed and no setting for hand-washed woollens.

The critical settings are back. It has a child lock feature and the ability to add items in the middle of a cycle.  It does have a lint filter and an auto-sensing water level.

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top-loading washing machine features

Features to Look For In the Best Top-loading Washing Machine

Now that we have an ample list of proper washers, its time to look at some standard features. There are a lot of things to look at with any standard washer. Keep reading for some simplification of those features.


The larger capacity, the more clothes you can fit into it per wash. It will be taken into consideration when looking at energy and water efficiency.

  • Haier HWT60AW1: 6 kg
  • LG WTG7532W: 7.5 kg
  • Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1: 8.5 kg
  • Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA: 7.5 kg
  • Haier HWT70AW1: 7 kg

Based on a size comparison, Fisher & Paykel is the clear winner in the biggest competition.

Wash Time

The Haier models are the clear winners of the battle against wash time, as they sit at 45 minutes each. The remainder of these typically varies between 50 minutes to one hour.

The minute difference of 15 minutes between top-loading washing machines put this lower on the list. Longer washes do not necessarily mean higher quality or lower quality.


All of the noise levels of these washers are just below 60 dB. Sixty decibels is about the volume of a typical conversation. You should try and focus your search to appliances at or around this level.

Energy Efficiency

The higher the star rating, the more energy-efficient it is. Take this into consideration when comparing washing efficiency and capacity.

  • Haier HWT60AW1: 2 stars
  • LG WTG7532W: 2.5 stars
  • Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1: 4 stars
  • Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA: 2 stars
  • Haier HWT70AW1: 2.5 stars

The hands-down winner on this list is the Fisher & Paykel model. Look over the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) for further details.

Water Efficiency

What is just as important is water efficiency. Below is the same list with stars focusing on water efficiency.

  • Haier HWT60AW1: 3.5 stars
  • LG WTG7532W: 4 stars
  • Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1: 3.5 stars
  • Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA: 4 stars
  • Haier HWT70AW1: 3.5 stars

All of these are about the same level, but they will use water concerning their capacity. Check the Ministry for the Environment website for details.

Agitator vs Impeller

There are two standard types of ways clothing moves in a top-loaded washer.  Agitators are the broad column that you see, twisting around in a conventional machine. They typically are rougher with clothes and are more effective at removing dirt.

Impellers, which are in every machine but the LG on this list, are a lot easier to load and unload. It is because some clothes may inevitably get twisted around an agitator type washer. Also, impellers tend to leave more room in the clothes washer for more clothes.

The LG doesn’t mainly fall into any of these categories.

Water Pressure Needs

Ensure that the hose you plug into your washer meets the pressure needs of the appliance. Otherwise, expect the machine to do nothing when you install it. Most houses have already accounted for this, as they have a minimum of 200 kPa.

  • Haier HWT60AW1: 30 kPa
  • LG WTG7532W: 50 kPa
  • Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1: 34 kPa
  • Samsung WA75F5S6DRA/SA: 50 kPa
  • Haier HWT70AW1: 30 kPa

kPA stands for kilopascal, which is a unit of pressure commonly used to determine the water pressure in your hoses and pipes.


After taking into account the various features and efficiency available, the Fisher & Paykel WA8560P1 is the best top-loading washing machine NZ has available. What put it over the top? The four-star energy rating is incredibly rare for even front-loaded washers, so this is a unique model.

While the water efficiency isn’t the best, the water efficiency is typical upon top-loaders. If you have a different opinion, any of the washer models on this list will work for your household. Choose something based on your needs.

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