The Best Toaster in NZ and How To Pick One That Toasts Everything

As a foolish youth, I thought that toasters could only readily handle bread. Everything else was a gamble. You can blame my parents for that one, but as I made the discovery that I could toast smaller items with the right toaster, it was a game-changer.

My toaster oven took a backseat for a while as I hunted for a toaster that could handle my newfound experimentation. After a while, I decided that going to the owner’s manual was probably going to be my next best bet. Because of this, I’ve been through more than a few toasters. I wish to give that experience to you. Here is our list of potentials for the best toaster in NZ.

The Top Five Toasters in NZ

Below are the five toasters that we selected.

  • Kambrook Perfect Fit 2 Slice KTA120WHT
  • Sunbeam Quantum Plus Toaster TA2320
  • KitchenAid Artisan KMT423
  • Breville The Bit More Plus 4 Slice Toaster BTA440BSS
  • DeLonghi Distinta Flair CTI2003

They vary between two and four style toasters, because you may not need a four-slotted toaster. We want to include as many perspectives as possible. Our focus is going to be on the quality of the toast and other items.

Kambrook Perfect Fit 2 Slice KTA120WHT

Kambrook Perfect Fit 2 Slice KTA120WHT
  • Power 850W
  • Weight 1.37 kg
  • Settings 7
  • Dimension 185 X 275 X 168 mm

The Kambrook Perfect Fit 2 Slice is our first stop on this toaster adventure. As expected, it does have a setting to defrost frozen bread, which the Perfect Fit is pretty good at doing. As far as standard bread, you can imagine it is just as good at handling that.

It weakens a little bit with a single slice, which is typical given that there is typically too much heat to one slice. If you want to use the more complicated bread with several seeds (such as Burgen Bread), you may also run into some complications.

If you are willing to tolerate some finagling with this, it is an easy-to-use and effective toaster at your basics. It has a high-lift level so you can see your bread as it progresses. You can even stop the process with a button right upfront.

The dial is also pretty easy to read, so you may have to play with it to get the right level. The sliding crumb tray on the side also makes it pretty easy to clean. It is an excellent first stop when it comes to looking for a cost-effective toaster with premium features.

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Sunbeam Quantum Plus Toaster TA2320

Sunbeam Quantum Plus Toaster TA2320
  • Power 800W
  • Cord length 900 mm
  • Settings 7
  • Slice capacity 2

Sunbeam is a company that frequents to top slots here at HomeVilla. This inexpensive toaster is another excellent example of why they stick around.

It is just as effective as the Kambrook when it comes to all potential toasting, including the problem with the one piece of toast we mentioned earlier. It also manages to overcome the issues with larger, more complicated slices of bread.

Don’t expect it to do anything but though, as smaller items are not suited for this kind of toaster. You may try, but certainly, you will want to be careful.  It does have a high-lift lever so that you may check on the progress.

Everything else is about on par with what you may expect from the Kambrook. It has a frozen bread setting, a sliding crumb tray, and a cord storage. It even has a reheat setting, making it a natural selection for one of the best toasters in New Zealand.

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KitchenAid Artisan KMT423

KitchenAid Artisan KMT423
  • Power 1510-1800 W
  • Weight 3.6 kg
  • Slice capacity 4
  • Dimension 21 x 33 x 29.2 cm

The KitchenAid Artisan is our first step into the world of premium toasters. Regardless of it being premium, it does still have a couple of problems with the more complicated types of bread. However, this bread toaster is on the other end of the spectrum. It can handle crumpets.

It has four different slots for you to place whatever you want. They evenly brown each slice of toast, regardless of it coming from the freezer or not.

Much like someone from a royal background, the bread reaches its destination using a motorized carriage. You may be a bit jealous of the food. The distinct “pop” of the toaster is no longer there. Instead, expect it to come with a unique beep.

It has two toasting levers with multiple browning controls. It allows you greater control over what parts of your bread are toasted. If you are looking for a premium option in the toasting world, look no further than the KitchenAid Artisan.

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Breville The Bit More Plus 4 Slice Toaster BTA440BSS

Breville The Bit More Plus 4 Slice Toaster BTA440BSS
  • Power 1850 W
  • Slice capacity 4 regular 2 artisan
  • Voltage 220–240 V
  • Dimension 40.15 x 17.4 x 19.15 cm

Despite the name, the Breville More Plus 4 Slice Toaster does not have four slots in it. Instead, it has two different bread slots that are for fitting a variety of things. It can cook crumpets, but it does not have a setting for bagels.

Given its make, it can make many different types of bread. Whether they are small crumpets or large pieces of multigrain bread, this machine can handle it. It also has a setting from frozen.

It also has many of the features we have mentioned to this point. It has a cancel button for more control over the toasting. It also allows you a lift up handle so you can see the current status.  It even has a sliding crumb tray for easy cleaning.

The Breville is the right combination of everything we’ve mentioned thus far. Perfect for people who only need two bread slots at once. It is an excellent option for small households.

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DeLonghi Distinta Flair CTI2003

DeLonghi Distinta Flair CTI2003
  • Power 900 W
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Slice capacity 2
  • Dimension 210 x 330 x 210 mm

The DeLonghi Distina Flair is another toaster that is consistent across the board with quality toasting. Again, it has two slots that can handle complicated bread and smaller bagels or crumpets.

It even has many of the same tech options we have right now. A high-lift lever, cancel button, and cord storage is all included features that make this above the standard toaster. It also has an easy-to-clean crumb tray.

I would say that the only real downside on this is that we lack the extra two slots. But this isn’t a big deal for those who don’t need them. It is a reliable all-around toaster that would make an excellent addition to your household.

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toasters features

The Best Features From The Best Toasters

Now that we have our list of toasters, we can take a closer look at standard features you may need. Always take a look at what your family needs before making a purchase.

Should I Pick A Two or Four Slot Toaster?

Typically speaking, a four-slot toaster crams two toasters together into one unit. It means that it will have four separate slots but two separate control areas. Each side should be considered a different toaster.

If you know your household will not eat four pieces of toast, bagels, or crumpets, adding another toaster to your toaster is pretty needless. Make that decision based on how much you are willing to spend. The KitchenAid toaster is the only four-slot model.

Toast Defrost Setting

A toast defrost setting allows you to place frozen pieces of toast directly in your toaster. It adds an extra period of heat to account for melting the ice from the toast. All of the models we reviewed today include this feature.

Reheating Toast

A reheat button will automatically turn the browning down or reduce the time when you re-insert your toast. This setting is for keeping your bread warm as opposed to re-toasting it. You can turn down the browning for the same effect, but all models do come with this in some capacity.

Audible Toast Alert

The KitchenAid is the only model that comes with an audible toast alert. You have one when your toaster comes with a mechanical lift. While that might seem needless, there is always a chance that your toaster may pop the toast into your open hand or a low hanging cabinet.

Toasting Smaller Items

Each toaster has a tolerance level for the smaller items it can take. Some of them have specific settings for bagels or crumpets. We will list them out below.

  • Kambrook Perfect Fit 2 Slice KTA120WHT: No bagel or crumpet Setting
  • Sunbeam Quantum Plus Toaster TA2320: No bagel or crumpet Setting
  • KitchenAid Artisan KMT423: Included bagel and crumpet Setting
  • Breville The Bit More Plus 4 Slice Toaster BTA440BSS: No bagel setting, but included crumpet setting
  • DeLonghi Distinta Flair CTI2003: Included bagel and crumpet setting

The lack of a setting does not disqualify a toaster from the opportunity to try. Just be aware that your bagels and crumpets may come out wrong if you insert them into something not built for it.

Lift Lever

A lift lever allows you to take a peek at your toast while it is toasting. This lever will not typically stop the process, so be quick about it. The KitchenAid is the only item that does not have a lift lever.


With our review out of the way, we can confidently say that the DeLonghi Distinta Flair CTI2003 has won this competition for the best toast NZ has available. It is the only reasonably priced toaster that combines all of the features we have discussed throughout this. It is only missing an audible beep and a mechanical lift.

With this in mind, it isn’t very suitable for larger families who eat a lot of bread in the morning. But it still toasts in a reasonable amount of time regardless. If you don’t need a four-slot toaster, DeLonghi has the best option.

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