The Best Sandwich Maker in NZ and The Features You Need To Make Something Tasty

As someone who enjoys good bread and meat, adding heat to that is how one would turn a good sandwich into a great lunch. Think of the kind of sandwich you can get at a coffee house. You could make your version of that at home at a fraction of the cost.

If you are like me, the idea of producing something that would typically appear at a restaurant is a neat feature. Its why we reviewed all of those espresso machines, so you could create stuff that a barista normally would. So if being a professional, at-home sandwich maker is something that appeals to you, here is our list of considerations for the best sandwich maker NZ has available.

Top Sandwich Makers in NZ

Below is our list of considerations for the best sandwich makers in New Zealand.

  • Breville Toast & Melt BSG520
  • Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450B
  • Breville Big One BTS100
  • Anko 2-slice Sandwich Press LW-010D
  • Russell Hobbs RHSP801

Our initial rating will be in the quality of cooking and handling unusual bread. However, ease-of-use features are also going to be necessary.

Breville Toast & Melt BSG520

Breville Toast & Melt BSG520
  • Power 2000 W
  • Capacity 2 slices
  • Volts 220–240 V
  • Dimension 32.9 x 30.4 x 12.5 cm

All of the brands we have in this list frequently show up. Breville is one example that is known to set the bar when it comes to high-quality appliances. The Breville Toast & Melt BSG520 is another example of this.

As a two-sandwich toaster, it can cook up to two sandwiches at once. With an adjustable plate height, it can also handle a variety of different slices of bread. You can quickly cook a melt or a toastie in this maker.

When you aren’t using it, it has a storage latch that allows you to put it away quickly. It also has cord storage for further convenience. It is a device that is for comfort.

The heat-up time is around two and a half minutes. When you finish, the bottom and top plates are pretty easy to clean. If you want, it can even cook more than just sandwiches.

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Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450B

Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450B
  • Power 2400 W
  • Weight 4.8 kg
  • Capacity 4 Slices
  • Dimension 36.0 x 33.0 x 11.0 cm

Sunbeam is another company that finds itself on our lists a lot. Their abilities are proven again with this high-quality and cost-effective sandwich maker.

The most significant improvement that this has over the Toast & Melt is the additional space. It can hold up to four different sandwiches at once. It means that if you tend to feed a larger family, this is an excellent choice for you.

Everything else is just as easy to use as the Breville model we mentioned. It has a storage latch that allows for secure storage. Just expect it to take up a bit more room than the Toast & Melt.

It has an adjustable plate that makes it great for weird bread and melts. The cord storage allows for an additional layer of convenience. It is also pretty easy to clean despite the larger surface area.

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Breville Big One BTS100

Breville Big One BTS100
  • Power 1000 W
  • Capacity 2 large toasties
  • Volts 220 – 240 V
  • Dimension 28 x 28 x 11 cm

The Breville Big One BTS100 lets you know its target audience right away. If you need a large plate that is for bigger sandwiches, The Big One has your back. It also easily wins the most exciting name competition.

Despite the name, it only holds up to two large sandwiches. It also doesn’t have an adjustable plate height, which may be an issue in some non-standard situations. However, it does have deep plates that are great for containing the messiest toasties.

The larger plates help, but it still manages to keep a small profile with storage latches. It also has cord storage, which doubles down on the ease of storage.

It also is pretty easy to clean, making it about on par with what we are expecting here. While the adjustable latch is missing, it still manages to be an excellent option for your sandwiches.

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Anko 2-slice Sandwich Press LW-010D

Anko 2-slice Sandwich Press LW-010D
  • Power 1000 W
  • Capacity 2 sandwiches
  • Volts and frequency 220-240 V~ 50 Hz
  • Dimension 276 x 142 x 280 mm

Anko is a company known for creating some of the most cost-effective items out there. The 2-slice Sandwich Press LW-010D is no exception to this. When compared to everything else, it is the most cost-effective option we have selected.

As a result of this focus, they have sacrificed some features that we have found to be standard elsewhere. Much like the Big One, the adjustable plate has vanished. As a result, it is not very useful as a melt maker.

The smaller size also means that it doesn’t do as well with unusual bread slices. Provided you are just planning to use this for regular sandwiches. It is a solid choice in this market.

It also has some of the best heat-up time at just over two minutes. If you need a hot sandwich sooner rather than later, this would be your choice. With this in mind, it is an easy contender for one of the best sandwich makers New Zealand has available.

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Russell Hobbs RHSP801

Russell Hobbs RHSP801
  • Power 2200 W
  • Capacity 4 slices sandwiches
  • Weight 2.9 kg
  • Dimension 340 x 330 x 90 mm

The Russel Hobbs RHSP801 is our last stop on this list. As a company that is known for producing high-quality items, Russell Hobbs is right at home. It manages to hold its own when being compared to some fierce competition.

While the RHSP801 doesn’t have a fancy name, it does have a high-quality grill. It can fit four sandwiches comfortably. It is also the quickest sandwich maker on this list at just under two minutes.

Its biggest drawback comes from the lack of an adjustable plate. Again, this is only a significant issue if you are making melts. It still manages to fit a lot of awkwardly sized bread in it.

Ease of use was also a consideration on this. It comes with cord storage and a storage latch so it can be anywhere. It is also pretty easy to clean. While it may not be for melts, it does handle a wide variety of tasks with ease. 

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sandwich maker features

Features of the Best Sandwich Makers in New Zealand

Now that we have our list of sandwich makers, we can dig into the features. These items are pretty simplistic, but there are still some considerations you need to take before buying any of them.


There are two sizes that your sandwich maker can be: two- or four-sandwich. The quantity you need will depend upon the size of your family. If you have a family of four or more, investing in a more massive sandwich maker isn’t a bad idea.

The Russel Hobbs and the Café Press are the only two four-sandwich sized products.

Adjustable Height

An adjustable-height works well for specialty bread and melts.  However, many of these items are also big enough to handle unique slices of bread, so they are primarily for melts. Melts tend to have bigger inner chunks that make them impossible for the standard sandwich maker.

The Sunbeam and Breville models we reviewed at the beginning both have adjustable heights.

Heat-up Time

Below is the list of the heat up time for each of the products we reviewed.

  • Breville Toast & Melt BSG520: Two and a half minutes
  • Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450B: Two minutes and twenty seconds
  • Breville Big One BTS100: Three minutes and twenty seconds
  • Anko 2-slice Sandwich Press LW-010D: Two minutes and twenty seconds
  • Russell Hobbs RHSP801: Two minutes

The Russell Hobbs model is the easy winner on this list. However, fast doesn’t necessarily mean best.

Storage Latch

A storage latch allows you to flatten the two have together for more accessible storage. All of the items on this list come with a storage latch.

Cord Storage

Cord storage allows you to place your cord into a compartment for more accessible storage. It is excellent if you like your sandwich maker to be ultimately portable. All of the items on this list come with cord storage.

Sandwich Maker vs. Panini Press

You may think that a sandwich maker and panini press are interchangeable items, but you would be wrong. Below, we will go through the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What Makes a Sandwich Maker Great?

Sandwich makers do what they say they do: make hot sandwiches. As a result, they are quick, efficient, and incredibly easy to use. Many of them can also handle specialty bread, but that can be questionable, depending upon the type of sandwich maker you get. You can typically start eating your sandwich within five minutes of cooking.

What Makes A Panini Press Great?

A panini press is a more powerful device that can be on thick pieces of bread. Instead of warming your sandwiches, these will grill your sandwich. They provide you with those beautiful grill lines that you expect from items like this. Many of them can also cook meat and vegetables.

The significant drawback comes to us in the form of speed and complexity. These are always slower than sandwich makers, and they are more complicated than sandwich makers.


After careful consideration, our choice for the best sandwich maker in NZ is the Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450B. The combination of an adjustable plate and the addition of two spaces for bread make this versatile. It is for handling more complicated pieces of bread as needed.

If you aren’t someone who needs the extra space, any of these options would be great for your household. With sandwich makers, simplicity is critical. Whatever you choose, always be sure it suits your needs.

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