The Best Iron to Ensure Your Clothing Will Look and Feel Great

If you’ve read the stuff I’ve written up to this point, I could tell you about how much I enjoy garment steamers. However, there are some things that a garment steamer is not ready to handle. Especially heavy-duty fabrics line denim and some wool materials.

Irons are the answer to this heavy-duty issue. If you need something to be taken care of immediately, a steam iron is your answer. With this in mind, let’s check out the best iron NZ has available.

The Top Five Irons NZ Has in 2020

We have narrowed our selection down to five different steam irons from notable brands.

  • Braun TexStyle 9 SI9148EBK
  • Philips PerfectCare GC3920/24
  • Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum SR6250
  • Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W950ALSJ
  • Braun TexStyle 7 TS 725A

Most of these brands have already been on many of our other reviews. In this case, our primary focus will be on the quality of the iron. Additional feature focuses will include ease-of-use and safety features.

Braun TexStyle 9 SI9148EBK

Braun TexStyle 9 SI9148EBK
  • Power 2400 W
  • Capacity 330 ml
  • Steam shot 230 g/min
  • Steam variable 0-50 g/min

The Braun TexStyle 9 is an excellent choice in our first review. Braun has already proven itself with many of our reviews. This product is no different.

The TexStyle 9 is good with all fabrics. It is also incredibly convenient with a reasonably long cord with a storage spot. It also has variable steam settings which makes it versatile with many different fabrics.

It has a light to indicate when its on, which can be an unintentional safety feature. When it is on after a period of non-use, it will turn off automatically. Thankfully, many of the models we feature on this list also have similar features.

This steam iron can handle any clothing you can think of, whether it be wool or denim. If you are looking for a reliable iron, this is an excellent choice for anyone.

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Philips PerfectCare GC3920/24

Philips PerfectCare GC3920/24
  • Power 2400 W
  • Capacity 300 ml
  • Steam shot 180 g
  • Steam variable 45 g/min

The Phillips PerfectCare has a lot to live up to when it comes to its namesake. Thankfully, it does do well to live up to the hype behind its name.

Much like the Braun we just reviewed, it can handle almost any piece of fabric you throw at it. Just don’t use it on your curtains or thick blankets.

It also emphasizes safety, as it will shut off after a two minute period of non-use. Much like the Braun iron, it also has cord storage. The biggest issue on this one is the length of the cord, as it is a bit too short for longer projects.

It is also self-cleaning with a drip protection system. It has many features you can expect from a premium steam iron, making it another excellent choice for your household.

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Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum SR6250

Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum SR6250
  • Power 2400 W
  • Capacity 300 ml
  • Steam shot 80 g
  • Steam variable 38 g/min

The Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum is another excellent choice for your household. While it doesn’t have the hype-strong name “PerfectCare,” the Verve does incredibly well on linens. It is about at the same level as everyone else with other materials.

It does not have variable steam options. It does produce a lot of steam, which is better than most steam irons.

However, it does not have any automatic-off feature. Also, it is somewhat challenging to adjust the temperature control because of its awkward placement. You will need to be sure that it is taken care of before steaming your clothes.

Regardless of some minor headaches, it does have ample cord length to handle most projects. Also, it does keep the drip protection, which is an important feature.

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Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W950ALSJ

Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W950ALSJ
  • Power 2400 W
  • Capacity 310 ml
  • Steam shot 140g / min
  • Steam variable 40g / min

The Panasonic 360 Quick is easily one of the most comfortable products on this list. It excels at handling linen and many types of clothes, being on par with many items already listed.

Underrated features on this will include its long power cord. It allows you with some flexibility in your ironing setup. You have no idea how helpful that is in a pinch.

The temperature control also sticks out a bit more when compared to the Verve. Its darker design choice makes it a bit harder to see the water level, but it is pretty easy to notice when it stops.

Unusually enough, it does not have a power-on light, which is a bit confusing given the other premium features. It does have an auto-off function, cord storage, and it is self-cleaning.

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Braun TexStyle 7 TS 725A

Braun TexStyle 7 TS 725A
  • Power 2400 W
  • Capacity 400 ml
  • Steam shot 150 g/min
  • Steam variable 50 g/ min

The Braun TexStyle 7 is another in a line of excellent Braun products. It feels appropriate that we begin with Braun’s premium product and end with Braun’s cost-effective product.  It is the least expensive product on this list.

Despite this, it still doesn’t feel like what you would call “cheap.” It is very much the opposite. The temperature control is pretty easy to switch over.

It has an automatic cut-off feature for the power, ensuring you are safe. It is a bit easier to spot the water level than the 360. It is also just as good at handling many of the same clothing materials.

With drip protection and self-cleaning features, this clothes iron is an excellent choice for your household. It is easy to see why this is one of the best irons in New Zealand.

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iron features

Features You Need For The Best Iron

When it comes to irons, the ultimate features would be in its ability to iron a variety of clothing. All of the products on this list are without burning. With this in mind, below are some other features and facts to keep in mind.

Variable Steam

Variable steam allows you to control the amount of steam coming out of your iron. The two Braun products and the Phillips products are the only two that give you any control over that. It allows you to control water consumption and reduce steaming for more delicate items.

Safety Features

The ultimate safety feature in any iron is automatic-off. After a certain period, your clothes steamer should turn off to avoid burns. Below is a list of times it takes for vertical versus horizontal.

  • Braun TexStyle 9 SI9148EBK: One minute for horizontal shut off. Eight minutes for vertical shut off.
  • Philips PerfectCare GC3920/24: Two minutes for both horizontal and vertical shut off.
  • Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum SR6250: No automatic shut off feature included.
  • Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W950ALSJ: One minute for horizontal shut off. Ten minutes for vertical shut off.
  • Braun TexStyle 7 TS 725A: Thirty seconds for horizontal shut off. Eight minutes for vertical shut off.

The horizontal versus vertical shut off refers to the position of the iron. Horizontal is “face down” on the ironing board. Vertical is “face-up” position.

Drip Protection

Drip protection, or anti-drip, is a prevention system within the steam iron that prevents the clothes iron from leaking water. It prevents your fabric iron from releasing unnecessary hot steam. All of the items we feature on this list have some form of drip protection.

Cord Length

When you have a longer cord, it gives you a more considerable amount of control over how you iron things. It means less fighting with the wall on the amount of “give” you need for your clothing. Below is a list of cord lengths to keep in mind.

  • Braun TexStyle 9 SI9148EBK: 2.5 m
  • Philips PerfectCare GC3920/24: 2 m
  • Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum SR6250: 2.5 m
  • Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W950ALSJ: 3 m
  • Braun TexStyle 7 TS 725A: 2.5

The easy winner in this category is the Panasonic model.

Self Cleaning

Except for the Sunbeam Verve, all of the models on this list have a self-cleaning function. When an iron says it “self cleans,” that means it can purge excess waters and impurities out of the clothes iron using a specific button. It does not replace regular maintenance of a fabric iron.

Should I Choose an Iron, Steam Station, or Garment Steamer?

There are three significant categories of crease removal and cleaning on clothes. These categories are the iron, steam station, and clothes steamer. Each of them is best for different situations. We will go into the differences between them below.

What Makes a Clothes Iron Great?

Irons combine heat and weight to provide an effective way to press creases out of clothing. They are great for heavy-duty projects that provide power beyond what standard garment steamers can do. They do this while taking up less space than a steam station. Clothes irons also release less moisture into the air.

What Makes a Steam Station Great?

A steam station combines the power of an iron with the versatility of a garment steamer. As a result, they are for things outside of standard clothing fabric. To compensate for this, they are far more massive than irons and garment steamers. But they also require less effort than an iron would.

A steam station’s most significant weakness comes from its clunkiness. It isn’t for a portable setup. Also, they produce more water in the air which can make your surroundings feel like a sauna.

What Makes a Garment Steamer Great?

A garment steamer combines the portability of an iron and the ease of a steam station. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work best in handling small amounts of clothing or curtains in challenging to handle locations. However, don’t expect them to get things done at the same rate as an iron or a steam station.


Based on our opinion, the Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W950ALSJ is the best iron NZ has available. While it is true that the water tank hides and it does not have a power-on light, it is easily one of the most effective clothes irons in the market.

Its incredibly long cord was a significant factor behind our decision. That convenience features seriously cannot be overstated. With this in mind, any iron on this list would be excellent for your household.

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