The Best Induction Cooktop in NZ for Your Modern Kitchen

An induction cooktop will take less than half of the time to heat up than conventional gas cooktops. As a result of this, I was excited the first time I got my hands on one. It felt like the wave of the future was sitting on my oven.

That may seem like a silly sentiment, but trust me when I say that once you try one out, you are not going to want to go back. Every cooktop has a reason for you to get excited, and induction cooktops have some of the most intriguing features. We will go through that and more as we find out about the best induction cooktop NZ has available.

The Top Five Induction Cooktops NZ

We have chosen five cooktops on our hunt for the best.

  • Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3
  • Omega OCI64Z
  • Miele KM 6113
  • Smeg SIM662WLDX
  • AEG HK674400FB

All of these cooktops can handle a quality meal, as that is what got them here in the first place. With this in mind, we will be looking at that in combination with ease of use and safety features. As you are about to see, these cooktops are the total package.

Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3

Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3
  • Left front 2100 W
  • Left rear 2100 W
  • Right front 2100 W
  • Right rear 2100 W

Fisher & Paykel make our first stop with the CI604DTB3. This beast has four standard cooking zones which can convert into two Flexi-zones. It provides you with a substantial amount of space and flexibility. You can cook how you feel comfortable.

It is modern, meaning that touch controls are indeed a thing. As a bigger guy with stubby fingers, I had a bit of a deal getting this thing to respond at some points. It may take some time to understand the right touch.

The Flexi-zone has a cool spot in the middle from time to time, but it is a bit infrequent. It is a bit more effective on the standard four-zone selection, which is just fine by my standards.

It also has included features under keep-warm functions, auto-on functions, and child locks for those who have curious kids. Overall, this is a technological marvel that takes a bit of getting used to but is an excellent investment.

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Omega OCI64Z

Omega OCI64Z
  • Front Right – 2500 W, 205 mm
  • Rear Left – 2500 W, 205 mm
  • Front Left – 1800 W, 165 mm
  • Rear Right – 1800 W, 165 mm

The Omega’s cooking zones are far easier to see, which makes them seem a bit closer to what you may be familiar with. It lacks the Flexi-zones of many of our options. Its simplicity of returning to what we are familiar with while keeping things quick is why this shows up on this list.

The buttons are also a bit more intuitive for those with bigger fingers. Just be careful about where you put those fingers, as they are a bit too close to the burners for my comfort. Others have said much of the same.

The surface is ceramic glass, which makes it a pleasure to clean when compared to gas stoves. The Omega OCI64Z does all of this at a price that outdoes some gas cooktops.

Features you can expect are a keep-warm function, auto-on function, and a child lock.  It also has a standard timer. Overall, its simplicity and cost-effectiveness are why it has a secure spot on this list.

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Miele KM 6113

Miele KM 6113
  • Power 230 V
  • Weight 9 kg
  • Supply lead 1.4 m
  • Dimension 574 x 48 x 405 mm

The Miele KM 6113 is excellent at transitioning between different heats in the blink of an eye. The three cooking zones make for a unique setup, as more substantial than average pots are easy to access on the left side. However, it isn’t great for those who like using four smaller burners at once.

The cooking zones, but lack of Flexi-spots, make them familiar to what you may have already seen of the Omega cooktop. The controls are also a bit too close to the cooking zones. There is a beautiful stainless steel edge on it, but it can catch dirt sometimes.

Overall, this meets the list because of its easy-to-access controls and cooking zone layout. It also has many of the features we have mentioned to this point. These include a child lock, timer, auto heat-up, and keep-warm option.

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  • Power 7400 W
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Cook zone 4
  • Dimension 53 x 600 x 510 mm

The Smeg SIM662WLDX is a newcomer on our list of appliances. While you may not see them in many places, they do excel in this area.

There are four primary cooking zones that you can place them in, losing the unique layout of the Miele model. But the return to Flexi-zones without the cold zone is clear. It is high-quality cooking, regardless of how you place your pots.

Be prepared to play with this one for a bit. The controls do not make it very obvious which button controls which zone. You might need to read the instruction manual for this one.

You’ll also be flying blind with the lack of concrete numbers to measure the heat. The controls have also hit the same wall as others, as they are close to the cooking zones. They have even sacrificed the auto heat up option.

These are minor inconveniences given that it is essential a “choose your own layout” device with the Flexi-zones. They also include many of the same features we have been through a couple of times now.

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AEG HK674400FB

AEG HK674400FB
  • Power 7400 W
  • Weight 25.18 lb
  • Cooking zone 4
  • Dimension 23.23 x 2.17 x 20.47 in

Four cooking zones with a wide Flexi-zone is what brings the AEG HK674400FB into this list. There are no large cooking zones, but it does have flexible placement options.

Again, there has to at least be one sacrifice with these models, as we lose the keep warm function. Regardless it still has a quick turnaround time for high heat. It also keeps all of the other features we have mentioned thus far.

The ceramic glass makes it incredibly easy to clean. It also doesn’t have any stainless steel element. It looks very sleek; it can just be confusing as to where the heat begins and ends.

Overall, the cooking quality is incredibly high on this model. It is quick and effective Flexi-zones, which is what you should expect from an induction cooktop. It is an excellent option on this list.

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induction cooktops features

Crucial Features So You Can Pick The Best Induction Cooktops

If this is your first time upgrading to an induction cooktop, many of these features may be unfamiliar to you. Below, we will be going into the definitions and explanations of what we have explored.

Cooking Zones

Cooking zones are the section of your stovetop that is for cooking. They are the modern iteration of burners on your gas stovetop. Other than the Miele, these models all have four cooking zones.

Some of the cooking zones are incredibly obvious. You can see circles located on the cooktop on the Omega and the Miele.

Otherwise, cooking zones may not be quite as distinct on the remaining three models. It creates a sleek look, but there can be some confusion as to where the cooking zones begin and end.


The “uncertain cooking zone” issue often comes with Flexi-zones. These Flexi-zone provide a wider berth for pans, which means that you can position larger pots more comfortably.  You can see them between the two cooking zones.

Flexi-zones are a fantastic marvel, but you will often pay for the cost of this enhanced feature. Also, there may be “cold zones” between burners regardless of the best efforts of the manufacturer.

Safety Features

Safety features typically come in two forms: child lock and auto-off. All of the models on this list will automatically shut off after some time. They also all come with child locks, which prevent children from activating locked controls. It is especially crucial for easy-to-access touch controls, which come with all of these.

Keep-warm Function

A keep-warm function allows your pots and pans to remain warm at a “simmering” level. It will enable your food to stay warm while you are waiting to prepare other parts of your meal. The AEG model is the only oven that does not come with this feature.

Auto Heat Up

An auto heat-up feature is especially useful for cooking rice. It will allow your pot or pan to heat up to a higher temperature for a set period. After this time, it will automatically turn back down to the pre-set temperature. The Smeg model is the only stovetop that does not have this feature.


All of the models on this list come with a timer, which is standard for many ovens and cooktops. It will cause your stovetop to beep in the event where the timer elapses. It is a necessary feature for any modern stovetop.

Are These Safe For Pacemakers?

If you have a pacemaker, you will want to think twice before purchasing an induction stovetop. It is typically suggested by medical experts to keep a space of 60 cm between anyone with a pacemaker and an induction cooktop. Because of the electromagnets in induction cooktops, they are deemed generally unsafe.


The Omega OCI64Z wins this competition for the best induction cooktop NZ has to offer. It is lead back to a significant bonus on the convenience of use, which comes from its easy-to-clean features.

When considering everything else, it may lack the flex zones that come with other features. Still, it makes up for that for having the complete list of other features. These include keep-warm functions, warm-up functions, and child safety features. It is because of this that we have picked it as our favourite.

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