The Best Front-loading Washing Machine in NZ and How To Ensure They Remove Dirt From the Most Disgusting Clothes

Dirty clothes are never fun. If you enjoy group sports, have a dirty job, or have a kid who thinks it’s their mission to jump headfirst into the mud, you need a good one. As someone with a four-year-old, I can relate to needing a good, reliable washer.

Because of this, we have gone through a list of available washers, focusing on the front-loading kind. We will have another review on top-loaded machines. But in this case, let’s find the best front-loading washing machine NZ has to offer.

The Top Five Front-loading Washing Machines in NZ

Much like our other lists, we have narrowed our selection down to five different washers. It wasn’t easy, but we have given that list below.

  • Simpson SWF7025EQWA
  • Samsung WW85M64FOPW
  • LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive
  • Bosch WAU28490AU
  • Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH8560P2

The primary focus of this review will be on the washer’s ability to remove dirt. However, we will also be considering other convenience factors. The overall goal is to find an appliance that will work in a variety of situations.

Simpson SWF7025EQWA

Simpson SWF7025EQWA
  • Capacity 7 kg
  • Spin speed 1,200 rpm
  • Wash cycle 8
  • Dimension 850 x 600 x 568 mm

The Simpson SWF7025EQWA is among the more cost-effective options on this list. The up-front investment is lower, but its ability to remove dirt from clothing is still incredibly powerful.

It is also known to be incredibly efficient on the water and energy scale. It takes about 60 L per wash, which is lower than most. But it does have a smaller tank than any of the other options we have listed here. Regardless of the smaller container, it is known to be a bit rough with delicates.

The washer was also a bit noisy. It is not as much of a deal for people who can stow their appliance in a separate room. You may find it unpleasant when performing an activity in the same place.

It has a variety of high-quality features that are great for parents. Notably, this includes child-lock controls and a door. Otherwise, it consists of a fast wash, extra rinse, an out-of-balance correction, and selectable spin speed. You can also stop the washing in the middle to add additional items.

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Samsung WW85M64FOPW

Samsung WW85M64FOPW
  • Weight 77 kg
  • Capacity 8.5 kg
  • Spin speed 1,400 rpm
  • Dimension 850 x 600 x 697 mm

Samsung is also a company known for excelling in the household appliance arena. Samsung focuses on the premium arena, so they are known to hold an extra kg of space (8.5) and use fewer litres of water. The two are still similar enough that both the Simpson and Samsung have a 4.5 water rating.

This model also includes hot and cold taps, giving you greater control over the level of heat. It provides you with many of the same features as well. These include a delay timer, spin-speed selection, and a fast wash. So it is an incredibly versatile unit.

It does still have a child-lock feature, but this feature is limited to the controls. The child could feasibly open the door with some difficulty, but they would have to try very hard.

The energy rating level is slightly higher than the Simpson, which sits around four out of six. However, there is not much of a difference between the two. Given the extra heat, it is a bit more effective at removing dirt, which makes a natural addition to this list.

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LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive

LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive
  • Weight 72 kg
  • Capacity 11 kg
  • Spin speed 1,400 rpm
  • Dimension 850 x 600 x 680 mm

The LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive is a fantastic machine that has an exciting feature that allows you to save your favourite cycles. While it may seem needless to those who can use the pre-built sequences, it is perfect for those who are looking for a specific type of wash.

It is one of the few washers that have a “hand wash” function that is primarily for wool items. I don’t personally have too many wool items, but it is excellent for those who have a large selection. It’s also pretty useful with delicate washes.

There is still a great deal of power behind this beast, so it vibrates during harder cycles. Also, the lack of a lint filter, which none of these has, can cause cleaning to be a hassle.

It has the highest capacity at around 11 kg per load. Concerning features, everything we have mentioned thus far comes with this model. It even has a child lock for the door as well—an excellent option for those looking for a premium washer.

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Bosch WAU28490AU

Bosch WAU28490AU
  • Capacity 10 kg
  • Cord length 150 cm
  • Spin speed 1400 rpm
  • Dimension 848 x 598 x 590 mm

The Bosc WAU28490AU sacrifices some of its ability to handle delicate and hot water. It replaces it with water-efficiency and a good rinse cycle. With a water rating of 4.5, it matches with the Fisher & Paykel model we are about to review. 

The lack of a hot nozzle doesn’t appear to have affected it too much on cleaning effectiveness. Its energy star rating a fantastic five, which makes it the most energy-efficient model on this list. However, it has sacrificed a shortened wash time to get to this level.

IT takes away the hand-washable wool setting but leaves the washable machine option. This lack of feature limits it among wool products, which is a common problem for most washers.

Regardless of this limiting feature, it still has all of the other features we have mentioned up to this point. As a washer that is on the premium level, the primary question comes down to your need for time and wool washing options

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Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH8560P2

Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH8560P2
  • Capacity 8.5 kg
  • Spin speed 1,400 rpm
  • Wash cycle 13
  • Dimension 800 x 600 x 645 mm

The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart brings us back to the more cost-effective options. You would not be able to tell based on the water- and energy-efficient features, which are on par with the Bosch we just reviewed.

Compared to our other washers, the size is also right in the middle at 8.5 kg. It can still hold a large amount of clothing with this limit. It contains all this with a return to both hot and cold washing options.

Much like the Bosch, it is also not a friend of wool. If you have delicate wool products, you are likely better served by something else. It also lacks a lint filter.

Regardless of a few minor reductions, it is still an excellent option for the best front-loading washing machine in New Zealand.

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front loading washing machine features

The Best Features For Your Front-loading Washing Machine

Now that we have gone through our list, there are several different features you will need to know about to make an informed purchase. We will be going through some features that include energy savings and some convenience features.

Front-loading Vs. Top-loading washing machines

Front-loading washers and top-loading washers are always a subject of some debate. But if you have ever been to a laundromat that has a lot of front-loading machines, there must be some reason that people keep buying them?

Why Front-loading Washers are Great

Front-loading washers are excellent mainly because they have a higher capacity to save water. Top-loaders require you to fill an entire “tub of water” to submerge the clothing, front loaders can simply swish that water around. Also, they tend to be easier on delicate fabric.

Why Top-loading Washers are Great

Top-loading washing machines are much faster than the front-loaded machines because they can worry less about water movement. Few front-loaded washers can accept clothing after the cycle has already started. While all the ones we selected can, they can still be a bit picky on timing.

Water- and Energy-efficiency

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has taken the guesswork out of finding the most energy-efficient models. As a result, many of these can be compared purely on star level, which we will be doing now.

Water-Efficiency of Our Top Five List

  • Simpson SWF7025EQWA: 4.5 / 6
  • Samsung WW85M64FOPW: 4.5
  • LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive: 4.5
  • Bosch WAU28490AU: 4.5
  • Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH8560P2: 4.5

Energy-Efficiency of Our Top Five List

  • Simpson SWF7025EQWA: 3.5 / 6
  • Samsung WW85M64FOPW: 4
  • LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive: 4.5
  • Bosch WAU28490AU: 5
  • Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH8560P2: 4

Having the most in one field does not automatically make it the best in the other field. A healthy combination of both would be your best option

Space and Capacity

All of the washers we reviewed today fit into the 7.5 kg or higher category. These are all meant for larger families and people who wash clothing in bulk. Fewer washes contribute to that energy- and water-efficiency focus. Below is a list of dimensions for what we did a review so you can measure it out correctly.

  • Simpson SWF7025EQWA: 85 (H) x 60 (W) x 57 (D)
  • Samsung WW85M64FOPW: 85 x 60 x 70
  • LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive: 85 x 60 x 64
  • Bosch WAU28490AU: 85 x 60 x 59
  • Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WH8560P2: 85 x 60 x 65

The Benefits of Hot and Cold Connections

If you know anything about washing things, it’s that hot water does it better. As a result, those who use primarily cold water have to work harder to get the same results as hot. It reflects heavily in the cleaning time, which is usually around two hours for the hot options and up to four hours for the cold options. Cold water does have the capacity to clean with the same effectiveness, and it tends to take far less energy than hot water alternatives.


After careful consideration of our options, the LG WD1411SBW Direct Drive was our clear winner. What put this one over the top was the option to pick our favourite, preset cycles. As a result, it allowed you to get to know your washer. It is something that the others did not offer.

Combine that with an incredibly efficient water and energy rating and a strong ability to remove water from clothes, and it did well on all potential marks. As a result, this is our take on the best front-loading washing machine NZ has available in 2020.

I’m a Consumer Review Specialist that loves to gab about the latest in appliances. As a dad, a lot of my energy goes into keeping up with my four-year-old.

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