The Best Bread Maker NZ Has to Ensure That Your Family Has Fresh Bread Daily

A bread maker is a fantastic addition to your house. If you are like my family, we love our bread maker. However, as someone with dietary restrictions, bread doesn’t always sit well with me.

As a result, a breadmaker has become an everyday staple in our house. We choose our ingredients, and the breadmaker handles the rest. We’ve compiled a list of the best breadmakers to give you the same benefit.

Top Five Best Bread Makers in NZ

We have found that New Zealand has five excellent breadmakers. Or shortlist is seen below.

  • Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact BM2500
  • Sunbeam Bakehouse BM4500
  • Panasonic SD-2501
  • Panasonic SD-ZP 2000KST
  • Breville the Bakers Oven BBM100

As a result, our ways of making this decision are related to ease-of-use and capacity. Bread makers also tend to be good with premix packets or “from scratch” options. Our experience will go over both.

There will also be some design considerations placed here. We had experiences with handles and different parts of the breadmaker getting in the way of removing the bread. Below, we will go into further detail.

Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact BM2500

Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact BM2500
  • Power 450 W
  • Loaf size 750 g
  • Weight 5.3 kg
  • Dimension 359 x 320 x 383 mm

The Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact that creates easy-to-move loaves of bread that are pretty tasty. Surprisingly, it seems to handle food made from scratch a little easier than premix packets you can buy.

It creates an average loaf around 750 g, which is pretty standard for most breadmakers. However, it does have settings that include gluten-free, cakes, and is adept at handling multigrain bread.

Its weakness comes in the form of a lack of a timer. So you cannot tell the progress of your bread without using the viewing window. This lack of a feature can be a bit inconvenient. However, it does have a “keep warm” option that takes care of your bread over the long period.

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Sunbeam Bakehouse BM4500

Sunbeam Bakehouse BM4500
  • Power 400 W
  • Loaf size 500, 750, 1000 g
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Dimension 405 x 426 x 313 mm

This edition of the sunbeam traded out the cake option for a variety of loaf sizes. For us, this worked exceptionally well for a variety of groups.

It is also pretty adept at handling multigrain bread. Still, it can have some issues on flavour consistency regarding other types of bread. So it appears to be most useful for one kind of bread.

Another issue you may come across is related to the long wait times. If you want fresh bread for supper, you best begin the process early in the morning.

The wait time is around five hours. This time is far longer than some of our other options. Regardless, it does multigrain effectively enough to be considered on a list of the best bread makers in New Zealand.

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Panasonic SD-2501

Panasonic SD-2501
  • Power 250 W
  • Loaf size 1.2 kg
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Dimension 382 x 256 x 389 mm

The Panasonic 2501 follows the same guidebook as the BM4500. It sacrifices your patience in a five hour cook time in exchange for making excellent multigrain using both scratch and premix options.

It also has three different loaf size options of 750 g to 1.2 kg. The loaf is also pretty easy to remove, and it brings back the beloved cake option introduced by the Bakehouse Compact.

When compared to our two Sunbeam products, it has a progress indicator. However, it does not have the same viewing window. The progress indicator can also be inaccurate depending on how you started the bread-making process.

The design places the handlebar to open the bread maker in an awkward position. Also, the blade tends to get stuck in the dough a bit more often than the two Sunbeams based on our usage. These are minor issues when considering the excellent features that come with this product.

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Panasonic SD-ZP 2000KST

Panasonic SD-ZP 2000KST
  • Power 645-700 W
  • Loaf size 150 x 110 x 190 mm
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Dimension 273 x 340 x 404 mm

The Panasonic SD-ZP is a unique option only because of its ability to handle crusty loaves. It trades this In by giving op some options on loaf size, as now you only have two. But my family loves crusty bread, so this was a good option for us.

Much like our other Panasonic, it has a delayed start and a progress timer. It has sacrificed the keep warm option, the removable lid, and the viewing window.

It is a bread maker that is excellent at much of what it does. Still, the sacrificed features are a bit odd considering it is the more advanced version of the Panasonic 2501 we just reviewed.

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Breville the Bakers Oven BBM100

Breville the Bakers Oven BBM100
  • Power 650 W
  • Loaf size 750 g or 1 kg
  • Program settings 23
  • Dimension 285 x 373 x 273 mm

The Breville Bakers Oven BBM100 returns to what we would expect from our two Sunbeams. It is a cost-effective breadmaker that is exceptionally good at making multigrain bread of multiple types.

It also has multiple loaf options, putting it a cut above the Sunbeams based on that perspective. It is less effective with gluten-free premix options.

The Breville is another product that suffers from being too good with one thing and as good with others. The kneading knife has a bad habit of getting stuck into the bread. It has no progress timer, no keep warm function, and no cake option.

However, it makes up for this by being far faster than any of our Panasonic options while also maintaining multiple bread sizes. While it isn’t as versatile, it is powerful.

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bread makers features

Features To Look For in the Best Bread Maker in NZ

Now that We have gotten down a list of various bread makers that we prefer in NZ, we can narrow down useful features. There are a few common ones between the best breadmakers.

There are also some optional features we will be going through. Others are particularly unique when it comes to modern bread makers. We do suggest you keep an eye on this section carefully to make sure that your family is getting what it needs.

Baking Speed

The award for lowest baking time goes to the BBM100. The second-place trophy goes to the Compact Sunbeam.

This feature is essential for those who have limited time to work with bread in the day. If you forget to put the dough in until noon, it won’t ruin your chance at fresh bread later.

Programmable Settings

All of the breadmakers we feature today have programmable settings in one way or another. Often it comes in the form of recognizing the gluten-free bread and multigrain have to be cooked at different temperatures.

Other settings include settings for cooking dough for cakes, jam settings, loaf-colour settings, and keep-warm settings.  Jam settings are particularly interesting, as they allow you to produce strawberry jam in your breadmaker.

Timer & Progress Indicator

Our two Sunbeams and the Breville breadmaker are the only three that do not include any progress timers. As a result, you may be a bit confused upon making your first batch.

However, it’s a matter of getting a feel for how your breadmaker operates. Tracker or no tracker, expect to check your bread every so often. The ideal will vary upon what texture you are looking for, but the inside should still be reasonably consistent regardless.  A progress tracker will help you get a general idea of where your bread stands.

Warming Oven

The Panasonic KST2000 and the Breville Bakers Oven are the only two without a warming oven. These do what you would expect: keep the bread warm over an extended time.

This feature is perfect for busy parents who overestimated over underestimated the amount of time it takes. Given that bread making is more art than science at times, its good to have around.

Gluten-Free Settings

Given the prevalence of gluten allergies, it did not feel appropriate to limit this to part of the “programmable settings” list.

Gluten-free programmable settings are specific to making gluten-free premade mixtures or those from scratch. Given the growing number of cases or those who just don’t want gluten in their diet, it is essential to have a breadmaker that does this.

Different Loaf Shape & Sizes

The size and shape of a loaf do not tend to affect much regarding flavour or quality of bread. If anything, shape and size are more of a visual appeal above anything. Who doesn’t like to see a massive loaf of classic bread?

Size offers a bit of convenience for those who have to feed large families or invite guests often. The two Panasonic bread makers we reviewed go as high as 1.2 kg.

Power Failure Protection

IF the breadmaker loses power for any reason, power failure protection allows it to remember the power level it was at during the time of shutdown. It is a handy feature that is only useful in a small number of scenarios.

Unfortunately, given the pickiness of bread making, you will still have to throw out your half-baked bread it the power is out for several minutes.


After going through all of the available conveniences and features, our winner today is the Panasonic SD 2501. Despite it having one of the longer cycle times on our list, this long cycle time helps produce some of the best bread you will ever taste. Bread making is not something to be rushed.

Also, its cost-effectiveness counteracts the variety of features that it has. With a progress tracker, a viewing window, and cake-setting, it has things you may not have considered for breadmakers before. It also makes for a killer jam if you have ever tried it before.

Be sure to look up some recipes regardless of what break maker you get. Any of these will treat you well. As always, feel free to reach out if you have different opinions. Happy baking!

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