Our Mission

To be a features-driven unbiased source of information for consumers all over New Zealand

Thank you for inviting us into your home.

With the crazy world that we live in, it is nearly impossible to find time to find the products right for you. We here at HomeVilla realize that, so we have created a comprehensive list of products and features that you need for your family. Whether you are looking for the best washer, dryer, all-in-one kitchen appliance, or blender, we’ve likely reviewed it. If you don’t find it, chances are its coming soon.

We perform our research based on the needs of people who have no time. As a result, we hold ourselves to the standard of knowledge about these products.  While we cannot control the world, all the products on our lists have high-quality standards. What’s even better is looking at those standards from the comfort of your own home.

From our home to yours, thank you for coming to Home Villa. We know you will find something that you will like.

How Does the Review Process Work?

Our reviews go over a variety of factors detailing customer experience. We do not base our appraisals on any individual experience, but customer experiences that exist across the spectrum. We believe that our experience with these products is not as valuable as your experience.

By performing online research on customer complaints, feedback, and reviews, we can be more effective in addressing your problems. While the final say comes to our opinion, we would be unable to form this opinion without feedback from people like you, the average consumer.

As a result, our goal is to reduce the amount of “user bias” to zero. Other critics may be more used to certain types of controls and setups. As a result, these people suffer from bias.

Our review process also tends to avoid initial investments. While we will mention cost-effectiveness throughout our articles, the initial investment tends to be misleading of the quality. There are many occasions where we find that the amount of money that you pay into the product does not reflect the quality.

Given that this is an opinion-driven site, we heavily encourage your involvement in the process. If you wish to share your experience, many of our blogs offer comment sections.

How Do We Make Money?

Our money comes from two different potential sources: affiliate work and ad space. Affiliate work involves us partnering with individual companies to advertise their product. Ad space involves putting advertisements associated with these companies, mostly through our content.

At this point, you may be expressing concern regarding our bias given that we make money off of the products that we review. However, our writers and their process of gathering actual customer feedback prevent much of this issue.

Also, you will notice that we condition most of our posts with emphasizing your needs. We focus heavily on a feature-driven posting style. As a result, we highlight how features will be useful to specific family dynamics.

For example, our bread maker article will express to you that having a machine that makes 2 kg loaves of bread isn’t suitable for a single person. There is an exception for those who are crazy bread fiends.

Our Goals

At HomeVilla, we believe that the best way to write about your products is through simplicity. We don’t need a whole lot of fancy jargon to get the point across. It is our mission to break it down in a consumable way.

We realized that there were a lot of great review boards out there, but many of the base it upon one-time experiences. Our focus is on an overall data set, making it come from more than us.

Our goal is to do it better. We seek to be incredibly bright, concise, and blatant so that our readers understand what they are getting. We are not salespeople; we are fellow customers who want to share our thoughts.


Below, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

How do you decide on the winners?

The winners of each appliance comparison are determined based on a combination of customer experience and personal opinion.

How do you include customer reviews in your reviews?

When compiling data, we seek out customers that had something meaningful to say about the product. We also look for common trends among these reviews. If multiple customers have had issues, chances are it’s a significant issue. 

What does your research and writing process look like?

Writing and research happen in the same general step. Home Villa has a “review as you go process” that compiles more research as relevancy demands it.

The features we emphasize are listed out immediately in an outline format. The format if fleshed out as we find relevant information on the appliance.

These will include various hot-button issues regarding the products. For example, many products include smart features.  Whether or not they are necessary will depend on whether or not they add to the “ease of use.”

How do you try and exclude bias?

By nature, a completely unbiased review is impossible. However, our goal is to put a more substantial weight upon customer experience than our own experience.

Our research may focus on customer data, but it does ultimately come down to our perspective on the review. But by combining this perspective with customer data, one has a unique experience.

Believe it or not, we find ourselves often agreeing with many customer statements on products. Provided that the information we find gives an honest account of the issues found, we can use that in our research.

What do you mean by “features-driven?”

A product is only as good as what it brings to the table. Features include every aspect that a product has. For example, television’s functions may consist of 1080i, 1080p, 4k, multiple HDMI ports, and smart features.

While these are only just a few examples, the point is to have a comprehensive product that is quality at meeting a broad array of needs. A high-quality TV is nice, but the same quality TV with smart features is even better. There are other concerns, such as cost, that can go into this.

Do you exclude any brands?

We only require the brands to be active in New Zealand.

How can I contact you?

We have a form for this on our “contact us” page.

Eli Wayne Smith’s Bio

I’m a Consumer Review Specialist that loves to gab about the latest in appliances. As a dad, a lot of my energy goes into keeping up with my four-year-old.

I’m one of those people that needs his appliances to work.  As a writer, I’d take some of the burden from your hands with my research. You can check me out on copysmith.org if you want to see any of my other work.